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When looking for animal clinics in Silver Spring, you'll find everything you're searching for with Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic. Our facility is committed to the overall health and care of our patients - your pets. We take the time to get to know your pet and understand her specific needs. Since no two pets are the same, we recognize that the treatments should not be, either. Our veterinarians provide a full range of progressive veterinary therapies that are tailored toward the exact needs of your pet.

Our family practice understands that a trip to the dog vet in Silver Spring can cause anxiety in both you and your pet. We create a calm and inviting atmosphere and maintain the consistency of our staff. Your pet can expect to see Dr. Silver for his visits and our groomer, Sandra Gonzalez. When your pet knows her doctor, appointments will be less stressful. We also have an onsite laboratory and x-ray clinic that affords us the opportunity to run same-day lab work and x-rays. This way, you won't have to make additional, unnecessary visits to our animal clinics in Silver Spring and cause further stress.

Our cat vet in Silver Spring MD is committed to overall satisfaction for you and your pet. If your pet does become sick or injured, we will create a treatment plan that fits the both of you. We know how difficult it can be for pet owners to administer certain medications and therapies, which is why we will devise a plan that everyone agrees on. Give your pet the very best care at Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic.

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