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When looking for animal clinics in Washington, it can difficult to pull a name from a phonebook. Let Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic be your first choice, as we offer a family practice setup that provides the latest technologies and surgical advancements. Our clinic offers progressive veterinary therapies that meet the needs of our diverse patients - your pets. We strive to form a mutually rewarding relationship with you and your pet, as we want our patients to feel at ease when they visit us on a regular basis.

Our dog vet in Washington DC provides a variety of services that include preventative care, treatment for the sick and injured, in-hospital intensive treatments and surgery. We also focus on specialized areas such as gerontology and soft tissue management. In order to best serve you, we keep all of your pet's information on our computerized system. With this organizational method, we can quickly and easily pull up your pet's history and be able to answer any questions. Our veterinarians also provide onsite laboratory and x-ray services that can provide you with answers on the same day as your visit.

When your pet has an appointment with Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic, we make the visit as flawless as possible. We keep our appointments running on time and offer individualized treatment methods for our pets. We are careful to keep your own needs in mind, as we want to devise a treatment plan that you can effectively administer. Our cat vet in Washington will always give you and your pet the individualized attention you deserve to ensure the health and longevity of your pet. Let our animal clinics in Washington be your first choice for the best veterinary care.

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