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Professional Bethesda dog grooming and cat grooming services are sure to increase the quality of life of your pet. However, if the groomer is inexperienced or operates an impersonal assembly-like grooming facility, your pet can become traumatized very easily. Once your pet experiences this level of anxiety it is hard to get them to relax the next time that they must partake in a Bethesda dog grooming and cat grooming service. Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic has a professional groomer on staff that possesses over 12 years of experience providing the Bethesda cat grooming and dog grooming services that your pet will feel comfortable undergoing. From bathing and trimming your pets fur to locating skin allergies, hot spots or infections, our professional groomer will provide the results for cat and dog grooming Bethesda pet owners will find beneficial for the well-being of their pet.

The dental care of your pet's teeth are another important factor in their overall health. If pets are experiencing pain when eating, their nutrition levels may be lowered due to their difficulty with chewing. Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic is able to provide the Bethesda dog teeth cleaning and cat teeth cleaning that can prevent your pet from experiencing this type of discomfort. Pets that are scared or frightened during their teeth cleaning sessions will be given a mild sedative that will allow for their comfort during the Bethesda dog teeth cleaning and cat teeth cleaning sessions that they are undergoing. This allows our professional staff to provide the right degree of care during your pets Bethesda teeth cleaning session. You will notice a major difference when these services are completed through our clinic by professionals that have a genuine passion for the services they can provide for your pet's health.

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