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Your pets are your dearest possession, so why not choose the very best Bethesda veterinary clinic for their medical needs? Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic offers a family practice setup that relies on the latest technology for medical diagnoses and care. Our staff is highly qualified and has built a strong, supportive network within our veterinary clinic in Bethesda MD. Not only can you count on our veterinarian, Dr. Silver, but also our regular groomer that has 12 years experience working with both dogs and cats. By keeping our Bethesda veterinarians consistent, your pet will feel most comfortable when coming to our clinic.

If there is one thing we understand, it's the stress that pets experience when they visit the veterinarian. That is why our Bethesda veterinary clinic strives to create a calm and relaxing environment for both our patients and their owners. We offer a full service menu that includes basic, preventative care, in-hospital intensive treatments, dentistry and surgeries. We also offer a gerontology program for our older patients. Our Bethesda vets also provide an onsite clinical laboratory that enables us to run many tests on the same day of your visit.

During your appointment at Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic, you'll be surprised at how well our vets in Bethesda meet the individual needs of you and your pet. We understand that since no two patients are the same, nor should the treatment plan be. We also sit down and discuss a treatment plan that will fit with your schedule in order to increase the chance of your pet's success. For organizational purposes, our Bethesda veterinary clinic also stores all records on a computerized system that allows our staff to have your file pulled up within seconds. Contact our Bethesda veterinary clinic today for the health and well-being of your beloved pet.

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