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Seeking the services of a Chevy Chase dog grooming or cat grooming service is not something that should be taken lightly. Proper grooming can increase the overall quality of life for your pet. However, when entrusting the services of cat and dog grooming in Chevy Chase to an impersonal or inexperienced individual, your pet can easily become traumatized. At Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic, we have a professional groomer on staff to provide you and your pet with proper grooming in a relaxed and comfortable environment. With over 12 years of professional experience, Sandra Gonzalez has helped hundreds of pet owners throughout the area experience satisfaction for their Chevy Chase cat grooming and dog grooming services. She possesses a sincere passion for the work that she performs, understanding the important role that these services play in the overall quality of life and comfort levels of each of these animals. She is able to help with skin allergies, hot spots, rashes and skin infections that may be causing your pet a great deal of discomfort.

The care of your pet's teeth is another important factor in the overall health and well being of your pet. Chevy Chase dog teeth cleaning and cat teeth cleaning services can prevent your pet from experiencing painful cavities, loose teeth and deteriorating teeth. At Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic, we are able to provide Chevy Chase dog teeth cleaning and cat teeth cleaning services to prevent your pet from having to experience this type of pain. Our staff of professional Chevy Chase cat teeth cleaning and dog teeth cleaning specialists are able to provide the routine dental services you are seeking for your pet. If your pet is anxious or nervous, our staff is able to administer a mild sedative in a safe manner to ensure that your pet is kept comfortable and safe during their dental procedure. You will find that when enlisting the help of our clinic for your cat or dog teeth cleaning in Chevy Chase, our professional care providers will be able to address other medical ailments that your pet may be experiencing that have gone unnoticed. This allows for fast treatment during these occurrences for the best possible outcome for your pets overall health. Therefore, whether you need Chevy Chase dog grooming services or you want your pet to have access to the best dental care available in the area, remember the clinic that has a solid track record for proven results.

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