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Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic

(301) 656-6655

Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic offers specialized care for precious pets. We run our clinic as a family practice, offering one-on-one, individualized care while utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Located in Chevy Chase Maryland, our veterinary clinic is a full service facility that offers everything from basic, preventative care, to in-hospital intensive treatment. Our Chevy Chase veterinarians are licensed and have years of experience in the care and maintenance of animals.

One of the most important factors for Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic is that we make each visit to our office as seamless as possible. We strive to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for both you and your pet. In fact, our Chevy Chase vets make sure that all treatment and care plans are not only ideal for your pet, but for you as well. When our veterinarians know that together we've created a plan that works for everyone, the success for your pet's recovery will be that much greater.

To help our pets and their owners feel most comfortable, we give the personal attention that everyone deserves. Our veterinary clinic in Chevy Chase MD has a regular groomer with over a decade of experience working with both dogs and cats. Having the same groomer each and every time will allow your pet to be comfortable with the grooming experience. Our veterinarians in Chevy Chase have the skills and knowledge to provide intensive care in addition to our more basic services, including soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries.

Since the experience of bringing your pet to vets in Chevy Chase can be dramatic, we want everything to be completed in our office on the same day. Chevy Chase Veterinary Clinic provides onsite clinical laboratory and x-ray services, as well as a surgery center and post-op facility. With these amenities and the latest technology, you can rest assured that your pet will be well cared for by our Chevy Chase veterinarians.